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Thursday, September 30, 2004  
What have I started?!

Someone has asked that I do another list, this time of 50 records of the 20th century. I think it would be more sensible, were I to do another, to do 50 records from the 90s. What does anybody think about this? Do you really want another list, you bastards? Or just more pretty photographs? Or vague meandering writings about my dinner? Or some invisive socio-political pop music criticism? OR WHAT?!

You see that thing below that says comments? Use it.



9/30/2004 11:05:00 am


Anonymous Anonymous - 11:58 am

50 or 25 fav records of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s...
50s if u can manage


Do I need a Blog to be able to log in and stuff

Blogger kye - 1:38 pm

What happened to the man on the cliff?
I like the lists, photographs, vague meandering writings especially, life stories like The Man on the Cliff double especially, pop music criticism not so much. So GET ON IT!!

Blogger Nick - 3:27 pm

The man on the cliff is a, um... ongoing concern, shall we say. He's still there. He was there last Saturday night in the dark at half past eight as Emma, Andrew and I walked to the pub. He was there yesterday morning.

Anonymous Anonymous - 4:38 pm

Lists! From recent times! And lots of them!


Blogger Geoff Love - 5:56 pm

I think following your damning of Resident Evil (which i enjoyed a bit) and subsequent trashing of Alien Vs. Predator (which is good fun by the way) you should try and write a list of the worst albums of all time, or just a single decade of bad records instead.

(The Chronicles of Riddick is enjoyable sci-fi trash too, particularly the bit where he kills someone with a teacup.)

Blogger bushra - 8:59 am

all of the above.

Anonymous Anonymous - 12:29 am

Whose the bloke with the binoculars


Anonymous Anonymous - 12:48 am

Just to say that I really enjoy this blog. All the Embrace stuff, wow, what a labour of love. I had thought they were all washed up, but astounding to see them in the top 10 albums again.

Like the pics too, and your stuff on football, the man on the cliff .... good to read.


Blogger Nick - 8:46 am

The guy with the binoculars is from the war memorial on the Hoe at Plymouth. There are about six of them, I think, and four lions too - they're all slightly art-deco and quite wonderful.

Blogger damian_nz - 5:47 am

Pop culture rants!

The ones where the font you use gets <h2>bigger</h2> (blogger won't let me) and <h5>smaller</h5> and ALL IN CAPS and you get all frustrated about something and it's really really evident.

I like those.

BTW, in your novel you must write in this style.

Blogger Nick - 9:34 am

The novel will totally be formatted in html.


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