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Thursday, September 16, 2004  
Surgeon Heal Thyself

I am going through a cleansing period. I hate the numbers, maaaaaaaaaaaaan... They mean shit. Fuck all.

The concept of essentialism is rockist.

If you have to wear a suit to work you've gone wrong somewhere.

Open your mind.


9/16/2004 01:59:00 pm


Anonymous Anonymous - 10:34 pm

Good Suits look good. Good khakis look good. Suits do not = bad, boring, souless work. If you believe they do, you need to get out into the real world an meet some people. Just like khakis or name brand cool shades/shorts do not denote cool.

'What i wear is not who i am'

Anonymous Anonymous - 10:50 pm

This is my favourite photo so far. Bravo! (Shame about the brick wall though). Maz

Blogger Nick - 10:27 am

Maz - I've got quite a few of that sculpture, would you like me to email you some? They'd be about 1.5mb in size.

Mr Anonymous, I am not saying suit-wearing is bad in and of itself ata ll, merely calling for debate on suit-wearing. I happen to look fucking great in a suit, especially a black suit with a black shirt and no tie. And, for what it's worth, what you wear IS who you are, as is what you eat, what you listen to, what you watch, who you kiss, how you tie your shoelaces, what colour you paint your living room walls and EVERYTHING else that you ever do, because they are all done by you and you are always you and it is you who does these things and thus you are always expressing who you are in the way you choose to do things.

Blogger Turtle - 11:54 am

Though one is not what one wears when one tries to dress in someone else's image.

Blogger Nick - 1:21 pm

Except that in many ways one is, because that still says a great deal about one.

Blogger Geoff Love - 4:56 pm

Like me for instance. I don't often buy clothes, just wait for my older brothers annual clearout. This says that i am a skank who can't afford his own clothes and is happy wearing what other people consider to be stylish. Thus i look like a hobo most of the time.

Anonymous Anonymous - 5:03 pm

I agree that all those listed items make you what you are. Just not one thing.

And all people are not expressing themselves by doing all those things, they are just doing them. Some people don't make deliberate lifestyle choices / statements...they just live how they feel comfortable. maybe you read certain things to mean certain things. You may think you are better wearing what you like, they may feel they are better cos they have an office with a huge window.

Blogger Ian - 7:26 pm

1. Yes, very; both are similarly concerned with authenticity, for example.

2. I'd argue this is also yes; the issue is not the _voluntary_ wearing of suits (which, as Nick has mentioned, tend to look good anyway), but rather having a job in which one is _forced_ to dress contrary to how you would prefer to dress.

Blogger HOLT - 9:00 am

qu 1) yes. assumedly you mean that the process of ranking/marking/grading pieces of pop music misses the point of what they are about..? i agree, i think, but the temptation to be scientific and qualitative and in some way objective is difficult to resist. music journalism has to be about explaining a personal reaction to music - almost any attempt at establishing an objective standard is in danger of becoming tyrannical and futile. Rob Llewelyn - the futile tyrant.

qu 2) not necessarily. a suit has gone from meaning respectability and security (60s 70s) to mean wealth, status and power (80s) to generic (90s) to a symbol of banality/oppression (00s). so of course its not the suit per se, it is the motivation for wearing it. i would suggest that in these times of such relative wealth and choice that it is intriguing that so many cannot look beyond the filing cabinets. that so many drones don't realise that these partitions are moveable. that pension schemes are going to struggle to pay. that despite the fact that there arent any tax breaks associated with company cars they still drive them.

office people talk about 'thinking outside the box' but they don't realise that they are in an even bigger box that they don't even realise is there... anyway, palanhiuk and easton ellis discuss this a lot better than i can, so i'll shut up.


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