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Friday, September 24, 2004  
Is it vain...

To keep posting my photos?

I do love them.

Is it vain to love them?

It takes no talent, really.

Just point and click, isn’t it?

Bollocks is it.

Don’t limit me.


9/24/2004 02:14:00 pm


Anonymous Anonymous - 9:36 am

Well. The other half has re-visited a book whilst laying stricken on the sick-bed. It is perfect because it's mostly an anecdotal book and easy to pick up and then leave when the fever takes too much effort to overcome. Anyway, this is the opening paragraph.

John Peel (Disc Jockey): I lived in the States for seven years in the sixties. In the days before we knew about sexism, me and a couple of mates used to follow the fortunes of a young woman who performed under the name of Chris Colt, the Girl with the 45s. We used to follow her from grisly strip joint to strip joint. I was driving back from a particularly exhilarating performance in New Orleans, having left my friends down there, and I was crossing what they call the Piney Woods of East Texas, which cover an area the size of Belgium, as all big woods invariably do. I was driving along this long road in the middle of the night, and the moonn was at the far end, so it was like driving along a silver ribbon if you want to be poetic about it, and the hills were rising and falling, and there was a small town before me, and on the radio came a record by Elmore James called 'Stranger Blues'. The first line was, 'I'm a stranger here / I just drove in your town'. I just thought it was a perfect conjuncture of time, place and music. You always hope in the course of doing a programme that somebody somewhere may experience a moment like that.

It just seemed appropriate to post it here. Being a human being isn't *too* complicated is it?


Blogger Ian - 6:34 pm

Is it vain to keep posting your photos? Yes, but not any more vain than it is to write, or for that matter, to take any pleasure in your own existence.

In other words, carry on.


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