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Sunday, September 05, 2004  
A Day (or two) in Pictures

Maybe at some point I'll write some words to go with them.


9/05/2004 09:45:00 am


Anonymous Anonymous - 11:56 am

My favourite are the two black and white ones.

The rays of light one just edging it.

Enjoy yourself..?


Anonymous Anonymous - 1:44 pm

Stupidly good photos Nick, love them.
Immenesly jealous now. Ah well, not long to wait.


Blogger Mark - 1:46 pm

I'm very nearly in your SG13 picture but am obscured by Danny's head. This act of guerrilla gig-ism was a lot better than the one in Leicester Square because you could actually hear them and the crowd seemed even more devoted than those at SG11. It was funny watching the way Danny kept glancing around nervously for the cops, terrified that he'd be sat in a cell while he was supposed to be playing a proper gig.

BTW, you should start that novel. Just write your way into it. And if that doesn't work, I'm sure you'll be ideally placed to write official Embrace biography when the time comes.

Blogger Ian - 9:30 pm

Write or not, just update more often.

Blogger HOLT - 10:18 am


Great photos. Pleased to see I have made it into the top one.

Good to bump into you in O'Neills before the gig. What a crowd reaction they got. No Keeping or OOT but I'm nit-picking really. What a week that was. Scotland, Preston, London rounded off with a No.7 hit.

Reality bites though as I now have to fight my way out of this car wreckage of a Monday morning...


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