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Thursday, November 06, 2003  
Todd has told me to update this more. Somebody else (hello!) emailed to ask me to elucidate on my love for Lambchop's Is A Woman (which I picked as my album of the year for Stylus 13 months ago); these two phenomenon lead me to believe I should spend more time here. I have, it's fair to say, been lax of late in supplying AusPishFish with content, the reasons for which are myriad and dull. Partly this is due to Stylus's increased staff, popularity and resultant workload for me (still nothing compared to what Todd does - though he doesn't work a full-time job as well), partly it's also down to me spending more time posting to ILX, and partly it's due to me just not being able to find the time, inclination, or words to keep AusPishFish running as it was a few months ago. I need to rectify this. I also need to rectify the fucking annoying pink-pixelisation shimmer that's infected my monitor at home ever since I got broadband, which I'm sure is nothing to do with the PC itself as I swapped monitors for a weekend a while ago and a; the new monitor was fine and didn't 'bleed' at all, and b; my monitor was still fucking pink when used with a different tower. PC World I might be calling in on you soon. You assholes.

Speaking of assholes there's been a major one on the train for the last three weeks or so. I'd quite like to get a gun and shoot him in the face, an act in which I feel I would be more than justified given his inherrent and abhorrent assholeness. How is he such an asshole? I hear you cry. Because of his fucking phone. Not an incessent text-receiver or over-loud morning-commute gossiper, no no no; this wanker is much more disgustingly, insidiously annoying than that. This wanker has an MP3 player on his phone which he listens to incessantly and he refuses to use headphones. Thus this grimy, slick-haired motherfucker in his awful brown leather jacket and beige jeans (which he wears every day) sits at a table seat each day, clutching his noxious Nokia or sickening Siemens or unsavoury Samsung or whaeverthefuckitis, while it bleeds T'Pau and Bonnie Tyler and other assorted crapulent asshole music. Coldplay's "Clocks" creeped into his playlist yesterday. The unblanched rudeness, the unfathomable antisocial thoughtlessness gives rise in me to the desire for great violence, almost as much as when the train is as busy as Bedlam and people will insist on sitting on the aisle-side seat rather than the window, thus causing other paying commuters to stand.

In other news; people who use novelty-shaped post-it notes are probably dangerous psychopaths.

11/06/2003 10:33:00 am


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