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Friday, April 22, 2005  
And the rest is history...

I’ve not read a blog in months. Longer. I’ve posted only twice on this in the last 6 weeks or so. I’ve pretty much stopped posting on ILX. I’m still writing at Stylus (although nothing for a week or two after a flurry of activity in March) and I’m moderating at the Embrace forum and doing the occasional bits of stuff here, there and elsewhere in the meantime…

Consider Auspicious Fish closed from now on in. It’s nearly two and a half years since I started this venture and it feels as though it’s run its course. I cannot think of things to write. I do not feel a part of any community. For the last 8 months or so posts have basically been excuses to stick my photographs up, and I wasn’t even taking many pictures for most of the winter months. I’ve had enough, I think.

Here are some pictures to finish it all off.



4/22/2005 09:31:00 am


Anonymous Ant - 3:04 pm

I know it's poor but, so long and thanks for Auspicious Fish.

Anonymous Whelan - 2:23 am

Thanks for an enjoyable couple of years. Time to write a book now me thinks..........

Anonymous Anonymous - 12:40 pm

Well, I can't say I'm shocke......

It just won't come out.

But I've enjoyed your blog. I don't know hhhwhy wierdos like u and Loz did blogs, but u've both stopped, leaving me now with only 3 sites I ever really go on.

Bum bum.

Also, is James your middle name?

Big up Whelan.

I'd like to thank the Lord, Our Saviour and Andre 3000 for much love....

I shall miss this blog a little, but am nevertheless confident that I will survive, and become a stronger person as a result.

So, see you later.

Ps. Next time you play music down the phone, don't put the phone so close to the speakers.


Anonymous Anonymous - 3:35 pm

nay bosoms Ah reckon Nick and Loz could be great friends, cos they both wear groovy glasses...

It's a shame that a good thing had to die, just like Loz's.

God bless auspicious blogspot.

wootoowoo fortescue mckean

Blogger Nick - 4:32 pm

My middle name is John - and the phoen wasn't that near the speakers, they are at one end of the room and the phone was at the other! It was very loud though.

Anonymous Anonymous - 4:39 am

hi - i stumbled on your blog about maybe a year ago, through a link I had to the Quints' site.

And I'm sorry you're finishing up Auspicious Fish, but all good things have to end, and I wish you good luck for the future. I've really enjoyed your writing - and one day I'll check out that new Embrace record you love, 'cuz I used to like them.

Take care.

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