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Tuesday, January 18, 2005  

Specifically those at Stylus and even more specifically this one;

Posted 01/18/2005 - 06:30:24 AM by BeeOKay:
"Let's hope this fares better than the Singles list, right?" Especially when you have a writer openly say I have listened to more B.S. pop than the Super Furry Animals. SFA are the best band in the world today, hands down, IMO.

from the bottom of the Top 50 Albums of the 00s article.

Fucking hell I hate people. I'm trying to wean myself off responding to the comments on Stylus, because the vocal readership appear to be 2/5s retarded. Remarks like that make me fear for the future of our species.


1/18/2005 11:41:00 am


Blogger nate - 9:23 pm

i second that, and i don't say retarded often. ZING

by the by, how's arular treating you? i hafta say i'm pleased with the running time - 39 minutes of bliss & bass.

Blogger Nick - 8:41 am

I've not been able to track it down - slsk has been shit for me for months. I don't s'pose you fancy gmailing me mp3s do you, Nate?

Blogger Nick - 10:48 am

No fear - the inimitable Burns is sourcing it for me.

Blogger nate - 5:37 pm

if you're getting the album from todd - i can send you a couple extra tracks that i'd found on the net - a different version of URAQT (from PFT) and a couple other songs that I hadn't heard of before ("You're Good" and another untitled one).

by the way, please tell me how to get out of writer's block - any help would be good at this point. i've only been able to write like five pieces/reviews in the last half year and i'm not sure what the fuck to do anymore. it's like i've lost the ability to formulate an argument....fundamental problems...ACK.


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