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Thursday, January 20, 2005  
Back of the net / Aberdeen
I was going to say that Wayne Rooney couldn’t score in an old peoples’ home, but on the stroke of 87 minutes he proved me wrong, the wee bastard. Exeter did themselves great credit up until that moment – ten minutes of shellshock at the off notwithstanding. I watched the game in the pub in Teignmouth and the atmosphere was electric; they stopped the schedule for Exeter Odeon last night and showed the football there instead. They don’t like it up ‘em.

The library seems double quiet today. This is an unexciting job at the best of times, but for three days a week over the last two years it has been more than bearable due to the presence in the office of someone who would gladly shoot me with elastic bands, bring me back chorizo from his visits to Spain, discuss metaphysics / art / existentialism over beer, listen to Orbital / Eno / Aphex Twin / Disco Inferno, laugh his arse off at Jam, swear unnecessarily, watch Japanese samurai films, be regaled with affections and offerings of food by an African dramatist of debatable sexuality, keep tardy hours and, generally, make going to work seem like a pleasure rather than a chore. It’s not that I dislike the other people I work with; far from it. But… to all intents and purposes, over the last two years, Billy has been my best mate, someone I see every day, talk with, laugh with, discuss interesting things with, drink with and get along with very well indeed on almost every level. He’s introduced me to countless people, places and ideas that I would never have come across.

The real Dr Bill, I know you’ll be reading this. You’ve been an inspiration, frankly, and I’ve loved working with you. Keep safe, mate.


1/20/2005 10:46:00 am


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