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Tuesday, December 14, 2004  
Polar Bear

So yeah, Final Straw by Snow Patrol is actually really good, isn't it? Why did no one bother to tell me that they sounded even more like My Bloody Valentine than they used to? Why did no one bother to mention that the arrangements are really subtle and interesting? Why did it take repeated exposure to "Spitting Games" and "How To Be Dead" to convince me to steal Emma's copy? Why do people call them indie bedwetters when it's actually quite obvious that they're strung-out romanticists who've taken too many drugs. It's not great or anything, but, you know. Not bad.


12/14/2004 11:12:00 am


Blogger Rambo - 11:47 pm

It is good. It's all about the pop these days; people are expecting a Britpop style revolution, but what we're seeing is far better than that flash in the pan. Snow Patrol with their guitar hooks, Scissor Sisters with their flamboyance, Girls Aloud becoming a huge force, a huge feature in popular music while creating some of the most amazing tracks... Embrace starting to live up to their potential and selling a shit-ton at the same time. There are plenty of similar examples.

The record labels are getting a little wiser I think - genre spanning music, demographic spanning music is the key to future success. And you used a great word recently, "meta-pop", pop which is self aware and which influences itself, music that knows itself and casts a knowing gaze over the music climate and its own audience and transforms itself to fit.

But yeah, Snow Patrol. Pretty good.

Anonymous Anonymous - 2:36 pm

even the better, the music press is *firin'*.

jess harvell *and* nick southall have okayed foot patrol -- i guess i can fold and admit i like 'em. but have they not photocopied the US cover of 'pure phase' for the sleeve?


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