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Monday, December 20, 2004  
So I'm thinking of killing off the blog. I'm bored of it. Whaddaya reckon?


12/20/2004 03:27:00 pm


Blogger Nick - 3:29 pm

It's starting to feel like a chore, innit.

Blogger Justin - 4:36 pm

Well, I still come here regularly and would hate to see you go, but if it's starting to feel like a burden, it might be good to take some time off. You can always make a triumphant return.

Blogger Geoff Love - 5:41 pm

Tough Call. You have an audience for it so it would seem a shame to deprive them of your writing though it all depends on what you use the blog for of course. if you intend to give it up to commit to writing something larger then leaving it behind is a great idea. All the best things are transient (?), fleeting and usually end too soon. Hasn't everybody wondered where I Am The Resurrection went as it eventually faded? This Life will be remembered for many, many years because it ended (too) soon. Kurt Cobain has been idolised because he ended too soon.

I don't think you should end it because in a weird, post-millenial, post-modern way it keeps me in touch with you. I wish i could write as much as you do and as coherently on my blog but i can't, even though i know at least you and James read it.

What you have is a gift and like all humans (we've all got gifts i think) you need to channel and do what is right with it. The decision as to what to do with it is one only you can make.

Stop writing this blog, but for all the people who read it please start writing something else!

Blogger Ian - 7:15 pm

Justin stole the words right out of my mouth.

Anonymous Anonymous - 7:18 pm

I very much enjoy reading the blog (especially for the embrace-related articles, which i think are fantastic, but also for the other insightful things you come up with) so i would be sad to see it go, unless you replaced it with something even better!

Merry Crimbo

Blogger Robert - 11:54 pm

i'd hate to see ya go, too...if it feels like a chore, maybe u shld just blog less, or take a break

Anonymous Anonymous - 12:04 am

Maybe you should channel your writing into something you enjoy (something more private?). I don't believe you haven't decided one way or the other already.

Blogger bushra - 9:37 am

i'd hate to see the blog go to, but if you're bored with it...

Blogger HOLT - 9:56 am

i think the idea of stopping is appealing to you rather more than actually stopping....

maybe the less extreme measure of simply taking a break is worth thinking about....


Anonymous Anonymous - 9:58 am

Lose it.
It's a bit tired now. I've enjoyed it in the past but it's reading a bit laboured now.

Create a new blog, write about something new. Film maybe?

Blogger Edward O - 11:03 am

Is the clue in the fact that you're asking, Nick? Slough off AusPishFish if you must, because you're an interesting writer and have the luxury of knowing that people will still want to read you WHEN (not if) you come back.

Blogger Ben - 12:24 am

One of my favourite daily reads for many reasons, not just the music posts. It's your blog, and if you want to kill it off then it's your decision - but just thought I'd let you know I'll miss it.


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