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Thursday, November 04, 2004  

I am, of course, less than delighted with the outcome of the US presidential election, but not exactly surprised. For the last month of campaigning I could feel no hope for Kerry, only an overwhelming sense of dread and pointlessness. American friends, there is a spare room in our house.

Can reissues… Mute and Spoon have remastered and reissued the German masters’ first four albums on hybrid SACD, and they sound incredible. A review of Ege Bamyasi, that is less a piece of journalism than a passionate and hyperactive over-long love letter, will be up on Stylus early next week. Hopefully Future Days and Soon Over Babaluma will be dealt with shortly. My girlfriend does a good profit out of remastered CDs; she’s built up a decent collection of Stevie Wonder, Rolling Stones, Cocteau Twins and now Can due to my obsessive addiction to clarity. Next up Beatles? Stone Roses? Come on Silvertone, you love money and you already remastered a stack of stuff for The Very Best Of, now do all the singles, the debut album and Turns Into Stone, eh? Roses fans are now all fat and forty, they love reissues. “Music really was better back then, wasn’t it?” WELL NO BUT IT WAS STILL ACE. There are probably loads of other people due good remasterings that I can’t think of right now.

Someone at EMI likes me and has stuck me on the promo list. This is great (Pet Shop Boys DVD!) but there is only so much Jamelia and Tina Turner I can stomach. And the Dirty Vegas was not good.

Do yourself a favour and buy the next Embrace single, even if you only get one CD of the two and vinyl that are available. And if you do choose to get one CD, then get the one that has “Flaming Red Hair” and “How Come” as b-sides. You might be presently surprised. An album of their b-sides would (if it were selected by me, obviously) be one of my favourite records.

Football again tonight; missed last Thursday due to not being well and this Tuesday due to working on a job application. I am DUE GOALS.


11/04/2004 08:49:00 am


Anonymous Anonymous - 9:33 am

presently surprised or pleasantly surprised?

The B-sides compilation must see the light of day sometime.


Blogger Nick - 10:34 am

Good spot!

Are you OLi or Oleevar? Oleevar, if you read this, send me yr home address. I have music for you!

Anonymous Anonymous - 12:39 pm

Im only oli im afraid! but feel free to send me some cds. Ill repay the favour by sending you the best that spanish major label music has to offer. and maroon 5.

Blogger Geoff Love - 5:51 pm

Whoa there, Maroon 5 wtf? Thass not me baby... Address on the way, Embrace single - November 15th right?

Also, do you have an SACD player? Cool, is it good? i wanna hear Dark Side of the Moon on SACD, actually i'd like to hear anything on SACD.

Anonymous Anonymous - 2:16 am

How exactly does one get on the mailing list for EMI?

Mathers (from work, obviously)

Anonymous Anonymous - 2:18 am

Also, surely "Monster Movie" was their finest moment?

Mathers again

Blogger Nick - 8:51 am

No I don't have SACD - but the fact that they're hybrid means they'll play on normal CD players.

Monster Movie is good, but Ege Bamyasi and Future Days are better.

Blogger Nick - 8:52 am

I don't know how I got on EMI's mailing list - presumably one of them reads Stylus and got my address from there.

Ultimate Kylie arrived yesterday! 2 discs! Fucking A!


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