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Wednesday, October 27, 2004  
Floods in Devon = I am listening to The Penguin Cafe Orchestra and thinking happy thoughts...

fadeout95: who are they?
NickJSouthall: um
NickJSouthall: hard to describe
NickJSouthall: avant-garde twee orchestral chamber pop
fadeout95: valliant attempt.
NickJSouthall: melodies played on mobile phones and such like
NickJSouthall: IT'S MY JOB
fadeout95: haha. I like that.
NickJSouthall: hurdy gurdies and harmoniums and stuff
fadeout95: do you have any experience with really annoying roommates?
NickJSouthall: oh god
NickJSouthall: when i was 19 i tried to burn down my flat because i hated the people i lived with
fadeout95: hahhahahah
NickJSouthall: i told them satan was coming
fadeout95: my follow-up question was going to be "how did you handle them?" but now I'm not quite so sure I want to know.
NickJSouthall: i lft the flat
NickJSouthall: and drank a lot
NickJSouthall: read too much sartre
NickJSouthall: went into total existential crisis
NickJSouthall: wrote the maddest exam paper ever
NickJSouthall: got a 2;1
fadeout95: I have no idea what that means.
NickJSouthall: sat ona seawall that summer reading american psycho and cried my eyes out cos i identified with him
NickJSouthall: 2;1 = grade b
fadeout95: nice.
fadeout95: mine's a theatre major. He keeps doing phonetic exercises and rehearsing lines badly and screaming a lot.
fadeout95: I'm trying to drown him out but it's not humanly possible.
NickJSouthall: is he kicking a football against your door atb 4am and screaming "wake up you weird cunt" at you?
fadeout95: no don't think so.
NickJSouthall: has his best mate (who you are sure he is in love with in a very repressed homosexual way) thrust his hand through your kitchen window, severing an artery and leaving you to pluck glass out of his hand?
fadeout95: not yet, no.
NickJSouthall: then yr lucky
fadeout95: I see.
NickJSouthall: in my third year my room mate and i fired eggs on our kitchen floor one night
fadeout95: fried eggs/
NickJSouthall: we poured absinthe on the floor and set it alight and cracked eggs in it
NickJSouthall: we had drunk lots
fadeout95: natch.
NickJSouthall: 9this might help you understand me better)
fadeout95: I think I get the general idea.
NickJSouthall: aye
NickJSouthall: university fucked me up
fadeout95: I so anticipate your autobiography when you turn 45 or so.
NickJSouthall: haha


10/27/2004 10:40:00 pm


Blogger kye - 4:30 am

From the sounds of it, you did have a worse university experience than I'm having! Although I've had my share of existential crises. (I love that word..."existential.") Anyway, this made me smile. And what a beautiful place, wherever you keep taking these photos.

Blogger Nick - 11:30 am

Most of the photographs come from within 500 yards of my front door.


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