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Thursday, October 14, 2004  

God, we were shite. Passing awful, movement awful, commitment absent. A “professional display” says Michael Owen. Bollocks was it. It was shite.

On the positive side of things, though, the pub I was drinking Guinness in last night after the match with my mate Andrew had some Middle Eastern satellite feed on (cheaper than commercial rates for Sky, but sadly no incidents of Ron Atkinson racially abusing black Frenchmen) which was showing the Italy v Belarus game, a 4-3 stunner replete with three fantastic goals (scorching Totti free-kick, left-footed Belarusian free-kick, and a 35-yard left-foot Belarusian screamer that swerved and slammed in off the post), a penalty which Totti scored and was forced to retake (he scored it again, in the same place but harder), a very good goal by De Rossi (my new Roma hero), and lots of niggly incidents and neat passing from both sides. In short, everything the England match wasn’t. Dom, I envy your nationality.


10/14/2004 09:31:00 am


Anonymous Anonymous - 10:05 pm

deleting comments now?

Blogger Nick - 8:38 am

Nah; blogger fucked up and I had to repost it. I set the time to about the same as the original post rather than confuse people.

Blogger Nick - 8:39 am

Otherwise it'd say "This comment was deleted by a blog administrator" or some such bollocks.


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