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Friday, October 08, 2004  
The Brattleboro Rat

The man on the cliff was wrapped up in a big coat and a woolly hat today. What do I do when I walk past his frozen corpse in three months' time? I can see my own breath in the air as I walk to the station in the mornings now. Heaven only knows what it's like before sunrise.

The title of this post is the title of the novel.

The train journey is becoming increasingly frustrating each morning, as the sun is slightly further down in the sky and the light correspondingly more golden, the air correspondingly cooler, and the mist over Cockwood, Powderham and Turf Locks correspondingly more beautiful - every glance out of the window sees another photo opportunity, if only I was outside and walking, pulled from my grasp. Every power line, every telephone pole, every mist-shrouded heffer, every stark and naked tree thrown into relief by the rising sun, is a possible picture, and I can't take any of them because I'm on a fucking train.


10/08/2004 10:11:00 am


Anonymous Anonymous - 12:56 pm

But on the bright side u gave me a song yesterday and for this I am grateful...

Its called 'For the Love of a Song'


Blogger Nick - 1:07 pm

I demand co-writing credit and 50% of royalties. No, 100% of royalties. I want the full writing and production credit and you can get a line underneath saying "Vocals by Woootooowooot".

Nick Loog Southall

Anonymous Anonymous - 2:41 pm

Why are your daily accounts oddly addictive?
I don't know you Nick. I've never met you and really shouldn't care what you walk past in the morning.
However I find myself enjoying your everyday observations and opinions.
I probably sound like a complete weirdo, but I don't think I am?!
It must be the style of your writing. I won't tell you that you write very well because you know you do.
Did you write all of the details on the Embrace site about the album?
Anyway, I guess all of this rambling is a thanks for giving me something interesting to look at (some great pictures) and something interesting to read when the boredom kicks in at work.

Anonymous Anonymous - 10:38 pm

get an office with a window, suito. then you can take pictures all day.


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