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Tuesday, August 03, 2004  
In Other News...
The Beta Band have split up, probably because of the (rumoured) huge debt they owe their record company, which in turn is probably because they keep making wonderful, expensive, luscious records that no bugger buys.


8/03/2004 11:51:00 am


Blogger Ian - 10:19 pm

Hey, as soon as it's not $26.99 in my local HMV, I'll finally be able to afford buying it (I know that's not the band's fault, but it's a problem, nonetheless).

Blogger Geoff Love - 10:37 pm

Haven't you heard of the internet?

Blogger Ian - 5:44 am

Downloading the album isn't exactly supporting the band financially, is it?

I didn't say I hadn't heard it, I did say I wasn't helping.

Blogger Ian - 5:44 am

Oh, and PS - fuck off, asshole.

Blogger Nick - 8:44 am

Boys, toys back in the pram please, this is most unseemly.

Ian - Geoff Love is one of my oldest friends (well, no, actuallynot, it just seems that way).

Geoff - makes a change for you to make a bad impression and me to pave it over!

Blogger Nick - 8:46 am

Plus the band don't actually NEED supporting financially because they've split up and therefore presumably liquidated / posted as bankrupt. Also the people at their label are meant to be total cunts.

This is a lesson that complete creative control is NOT necessarily a good thing.

Blogger Geoff Love - 3:34 pm

What i actually meant was that you can buy things cheaper on the internet. Buy it in England and ship it over, purchase it in Finland and fly it to you. I meant pay less than $26.99 in your local HMV, they're the people who are actually arseholes.

Those and the people who download music and don't buy it when they've heard it for free. They're arseholes too.

Blogger Ian - 6:45 am

Ah, I see. Apologies, Geoff (although that's still a pretty poor way to phrase it) (and I'd had a few, a phenomenon I know Nick is familiar with).


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