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Monday, August 30, 2004  
And then that's it...

I got my bike out yesterday for the first time in, well I was claiming 18 months, but I think it's actually 2 years. I cycled about 8 miles last night. The jelly legs and nearly-blistered hands aren't the problem though. The problem is the fact that I can't sit down because my arse is sore from the saddle. Still, I got to take some amazing photos.

Photos. Aye. And there's the rub. Fed up of words. Prefer images at the moment.

And stop dissing Paula Radcliff. "Quitting isn't the British way!" Yeah, well shit, neither is WINNING and Paula went there to win. Once she realised she wasn't going to win and she was in danger of fucking her body on a level you and I CAN NOT IMAGINE, she stopped, and fair play to her for that. Had the 10,000 metres been before the marathon then yes, she would have stood a much better chance at both, but to run 22 miles in searing heat, mentally and physicaly collapse, and then try and run 10,000 metres in competition conditions just five days later, not a chance.

Bjork album is incredible, especially the bit in the beatbox techno choir number when someone starts doing pussy cat impressions. Ghostface album is also great so far. LL Cool J album has a handful of good tracks.

But yeah. The rub? I reckon I've got another year of writing about music left. I've run out of things to say, things to write. Or at least I feel that way right now, about music. No one fucking cares anyway, outside of the few hundred people who read ILM. People just want you to tell them whether to buy something or not.

If I've not made serious progress on starting that novel by the time I'm 27, feel free to hit me.


8/30/2004 06:11:00 pm


Anonymous Anonymous - 8:11 pm

i would say try not to get jaded about it. i think insightful, informative and, more to the point, interesting writing is needed especially in the days of stuff like 30 word Q reviews constructed entirely of shit. and also, whats ILM? sounds interesting and i'd like to have a look. though i do have to say it is a bit ridiculous when someone asks you to rate some random albums that theyve owned for years so they can judge whether they're actually good or not. the curse of the journalist i suppose. not that it necessarily should be.


Blogger Nick - 8:54 pm

ILM is linked below - it's a branch of ILX, and ILM stands for I Love Music. It's a forum where a lot of very interesting people discuss music. And make knob gags. http://www.ilxor.com

Anonymous Anonymous - 10:57 pm

Instead of waiting for this novel to write itself, take six months out of writing reviews and JUST DO IT. It won't write itself and it won't hit you like a bolt from the blue. It will take work, why put it off?

'Don't stop at 100' a wise man once said. You don't seem to have started the batting yet. Get to it.

Blogger damian_nz - 2:24 am

Fuck you're choice Nick. (I'm in a good mood today, sorry; I felt like sharing.)

I'd buy your novel, too.

Blogger Robert - 5:18 am

ya Nick, u shld write a novel...u write your face off in here all the time, so u "have it in you" (as they say)...but id hate to see you stop writing about music...solution?...write a novel about music! :)

Blogger Nick - 9:13 am

I made a start at writing a novel back in 2000 whilst still at university and drunk a lot. By and large the 50,000 or so words I wrote were awful, indulgent, pseudo-biographical angsty drunkard shite though, so I have been biding my time since then, writing as much as possible (as you can see here and at Stylus) and exercising my creative muscles, as it were.

I seem to remember Virginia Woolf saying that no one should write a novel before they're 30 and no one should write poetry after they're 30, and that seemed to make a deal of sense to me. I don't want to wait that long because I'm an impatient bastard, but I think, in this case, patience is a virtue. I'm certainly not stopping at the first 100! I've not even made 100 yet - I've barely ambled to the crease with my bat in hand.

Anonymous Anonymous - 5:26 pm

Well i along with the others look forward to the Sequel of "See Spot run" with baited breathe.


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