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Tuesday, July 13, 2004  
Wanted: Chiropractor

All these kids I was almost at school with, who dropped out at 16 to get a job in a shitty office or whatever, work locally, whatever, shit shit shit, think they've made it cos they've bought a fucking Peugeot, bollocks, bollocks, they'll never see the things I've seen and never walk to where I've been. They've no idea. Saw a fat man kissing a fat woman's fingers, saw an ugly family ugly eating chips, smiled at how beautiful the world is, sobbed my fucking heart out. STOOD ATOP A CLIFF.

Here we go.


7/13/2004 07:07:00 pm


Blogger Ian - 8:37 pm

So what the fuck is going on, then?

Blogger Nick - 8:45 pm

I've been out walking. Put some Tim Buckley on. Everything's alright.

Blogger Nick - 8:47 pm

Fuck knows. I left the stupid fuckers sitting in paint.

Anonymous Anonymous - 11:09 pm


Cool yer boots, else you'll be needing them beta-blockers like what some geezer with a 'splashing heart' takes. Alternatively, think devine thoughts and visit the above when it is finished.

Mary x

Blogger Ian - 5:04 am

I more meant the seven years, chiropracter stuff.

Blogger Nick - 8:54 am

The seven years stuff is seperate from the chiropractor!


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