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Monday, July 05, 2004  
Coming soon...

The Enormous Embrace Exercise

Or; reasons to be woeful

Or; the most misunderstood band in the world

Or; what the fuck were you thinking, N1ck S0uth@ll?

Or; shut the fuck up and listen to my song

Or; a song-by-song directory and exegesis of my in-and-out-of-love affair with The Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band On Acid

Brought to you by that guy on the train station platform talking shit.


7/05/2004 11:10:00 am


Blogger Nick - 11:17 am

Do you see what I did with the picture there, eh, do you, do you? Do you think that's cool?


Oh yeah.


Anonymous Anonymous - 12:50 pm

not anon, just can't be fux0red.
is that a 'fireworks' ref, nick? this embrace shit is making me confront 17-year-old me again -- so fuck you very much!

nb: have you managed to avoid faux-l-x? fortunately i have lost the address. but i am sorely tempted to ask you for it.


Blogger Nick - 1:12 pm

I've had a few looks at faux-l-x, but I hate standard forums. I didn't have the link at home and got a 2,800 word article for Stylus done over the weekend, and this morning at work I've sorted loads of shelving (away from a computer) and also conceived and begun this 'thing' I mentioned here.

Yeah, it is a fireworks reference... Sad, eh?

Anonymous Anonymous - 11:12 pm

Scary shit man. You've obviously not been drinking enough regulation Rioja. Go forth and defend the indefensible if you must ;-)

Mary, who didn't want to sign in cos signing in means you have to fill in things called passwords and these must be avoided at all costs especially if you have a memory like Dory the gay fish.


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