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Tuesday, June 29, 2004  
Do it yourself

A bit that wont end up in the Stylus interview...

Graham [laughing - in fact we're both basically pissing ourselves throughout]; So you’re a PC man, yeah? Wicked, cos I fucking hate Macs so much.

Nick; How come?

Graham; Overpriced, underpowered, total style over substance isn’t it. It’s like I built my own studio and built my own computer to record stuff onto, it’s all hand done - I just love the PC thing…

Nick; Macs look nice, the iPod’s a useful gizmo but that’s it – a mate of mine said, and caught the Apple ethos in a nutshell, “they’d rather give stuff away free than sell it at a reasonable price”.

Graham; Yeah!

Nick; Plus anyone I know who can actually fix a computer deals with PCs…

Graham; Totally! Like, my girlfriend lives next door and there’s her and loads of graphic designers round here with their Macs, and as soon as anything goes wrong they’re total panic; the idea of a new hard drive or upgrading your motherboard scares them!

Nick; “No, no! Buy a whole new one!!”

Graham; Haha, yeah!


6/29/2004 08:57:00 pm


Blogger damian_nz - 12:04 am

Macs are good if you don't want to know how computers work. If you plug something into a mac it (typically) just goes. Like USB on the PC but more so.

Of course, this is only true because all the hardware is proprietry so they can guarantee compatability with everything.


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