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Thursday, May 27, 2004  
Hut-1, Hut-2, Hut-3 Hut, Ol' Dirty Bastard Live & Uncut
Dangerous Dave Pierce (or Pearce, I forget), previously a purveyor of those finest Dance Anthems and currently the voice of 2% of the Nation's journey home from work (this is one of the 89% of statistics made up on the spot), may be losing his mind. Last night as I drove to football he played the most extraordinary sequence of music. It went something like;

Sean Paul (possibly "Like Glue" but I can't remember [another Sean Paul song had been on my iPod during the train ride home, and I can't remember which is which or if they were even the same {Sizzla's "Black Woman & Child" was on too (I was randoming through the 'dancehall' genre, all TWENTY FIVE TRACKS, check how urban I am); how beautiful is that song?}])

followed by

Keane ("Everyone's Changing" [is this a 'we fear change' anti-modernism {modernism as in 'the state of what is current and now' rather than the 'literary' (etc.) movement typified as running in the first fifty years of the last century} anthem? are Keane afraid of the 'now' on a spiritual level? It's obviously not a fear manifested on the practical level; just listen to the filtersweeps! WHOOOOSH! "WE ARE NOW!"])

followed by

Slipknott (fuck only knows what it was called, but the chorus was about pushing your fingers into your own eyes?! omg wtf?!)

followed by

Eamonn (this man needs to be shot - more later)

followed by

Kanye West (this was the last tune I heard when I got out of the car; the first tune I heard when I got back into the car just over an hour later was by... Kanye West! Now I quite like Kanye, in a very vague way, but PLEASE GOD RADIO 1 PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU'RE PLAYING FROM ONE MINUTE TO THE NEXT)

This bizarre sequence, while commendable in it's schizophrenic eclecticism (that phrase will please at least some readers - the public gets what the public wants), has lead me to wonder about the state of Dangerous Dave's mental health. Now that Radio 1 is in the process of becoming Radio Zane (specialist shows less specialist a speciality!), is Dangerous Dave losing his mind? Is he ignoring the playlist?

Also, and this is the key question, wtf is Radio 1 actually for? Extend that to the whole of the BBC Radio services, if you like.

Answers in a comment box to this blog.


5/27/2004 09:27:00 am


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