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Tuesday, April 27, 2004  
Chewing The Fat
okpinkerton: what you been up to as of late
NickJSouthall: writing about you being a sod, actually
NickJSouthall: just posted it about five minutes ago
okpinkerton: hahaha no shit!
NickJSouthall: aye
okpinkerton: hahaha nick.
okpinkerton: you, you.
NickJSouthall: likewise
okpinkerton: i dont like this record because its embarrassing.
okpinkerton: i dont like this record because its boring,
okpinkerton: its merely okay.
okpinkerton: i listened to it about 15 times.
NickJSouthall: i find it to be none of those things
okpinkerton: not cause im in love with myself.
NickJSouthall: i'm on about 30
okpinkerton: i mean, sure i am.
okpinkerton: but of course.
okpinkerton: so are you.
NickJSouthall: with you or with me?
okpinkerton: lets not have me be a jobber, though
okpinkerton: lets talk about this record some more
okpinkerton: you like it cause it grooves and stuff?
NickJSouthall: not reallt
NickJSouthall: i like it because it's often very beautiful
NickJSouthall: i like it cos it does interestin g things
okpinkerton: mmm. point taken. cite something interesting it does
NickJSouthall: i like it cos they're NOT embarassed to play some songs
NickJSouthall: the yelps in 'pure for' are about the most emotionally exciting thing i've heard in ages
NickJSouthall: the tiny, burried yelps in the background
NickJSouthall: this really sad tune, floating, and there's these yelps
okpinkerton: lemme pull it up again
NickJSouthall: like a lemming at a rave somewhere far away
NickJSouthall: i deliberately didn't write about them in the review cos i'm gonna doa seconds column about them
okpinkerton: yeah, i guess those are pretty cool.
okpinkerton: but doesnt assessment's coda embarrass you?
NickJSouthall: the bit in assessment before the coda when the coda is playing but muffled, like through ehadphones
NickJSouthall: fuck no, i love it
NickJSouthall: why does it embarass you?
okpinkerton: oh yeah, that part is really cool, the muffle bit
NickJSouthall: i've not been embarassed by a record since...
okpinkerton: because its unncessarry. it feels tacked on.
NickJSouthall: well, embrace
okpinkerton: i feel like this band
okpinkerton: is onto something with the song.
NickJSouthall: and i'm not embarassed by them anymore
okpinkerton: i mean. its just the wrong mood
NickJSouthall: that coda made me so happy
NickJSouthall: trumpets
okpinkerton: its completely different.
NickJSouthall: i love them
okpinkerton: i dunno. trumpets. yeah. "you're happy, steve.:
NickJSouthall: he's not though
NickJSouthall: they're vainglorious trumpets
okpinkerton: exactly.
okpinkerton: this is not a happy song.
NickJSouthall: vainglorious is something you'll get later on
NickJSouthall: plus
NickJSouthall: plus
NickJSouthall: plus
NickJSouthall: it's a concept album about evolution
okpinkerton: ive heard the word 'vainglorious' before.
okpinkerton: oh, well, i didnt catch on to that.
NickJSouthall: yeah, the word, but the thing, the signified, what it means to be vainglorious
NickJSouthall: that comes later
okpinkerton: do you know what my favorite beta band song is?
NickJSouthall: no idea
okpinkerton: Dry The Rain
okpinkerton: do you know why?
NickJSouthall: hahahahahahha
okpinkerton: because it doesnt rely on any fucking gimmicks.
NickJSouthall: cos you're fucking nick hornby and want me to kill you?
okpinkerton: there it is. its just a perfect melody.
okpinkerton: now you thought i was gonna say The Beta Band Rap, didnt you?
NickJSouthall: and they stripped away the gimmicks with hot shots
NickJSouthall: with sequensizer
NickJSouthall: they're are no gimmicks on this record
NickJSouthall: just ideas
okpinkerton: um. why are there dogs barking.
NickJSouthall: i have about four fave beta band songs
okpinkerton: whats going on.
okpinkerton: which are?
NickJSouthall: push it out
NickJSouthall: needles in my eyes
NickJSouthall: she's the one
NickJSouthall: pure for
okpinkerton: needles in my eyes is awesome.
okpinkerton: mine, id say--
okpinkerton: dry the rain, needles in my eyes, dr baker, human being
NickJSouthall: dog's barking = disco inferno
okpinkerton: yeah thats fucking loony.
NickJSouthall: how is it a bad thing?
NickJSouthall: i wish they';d had them in all the way through the song
NickJSouthall: it's not a gimmick
NickJSouthall: it's an idea
okpinkerton: i mean its not DI at all.
NickJSouthall: the whole first album is a gimmick
okpinkerton: what.
okpinkerton: how is it a gimmick?
NickJSouthall: the album
okpinkerton: not the three eps, self-titled you mean
NickJSouthall: not the EPs
okpinkerton: ?
NickJSouthall: yeah
okpinkerton: oh, okay. explain
NickJSouthall: cos they had so much shit about them, they thought that';s what they were
NickJSouthall: a gimmick
NickJSouthall: cos everyone said so
NickJSouthall: so they threw everythign in
NickJSouthall: and it failed
NickJSouthall: so they lost the gimmicks
NickJSouthall: and started writing ebautiful songs again
NickJSouthall: and making them more beautiful by doing them with ideas
NickJSouthall: and heroes is just carrying on with the same thing
NickJSouthall: what did you expect?
NickJSouthall: what did you hope for?
okpinkerton: i hoped theyd make the three eps.
NickJSouthall: well fuck off
NickJSouthall: they already fucking did
okpinkerton: hahaah. you, you.
okpinkerton: or:
okpinkerton: i hoped theyd make the three eps or
NickJSouthall: i thought you said you DIDN'T want to go back to 8th grade?
okpinkerton: something different.
okpinkerton: something so different.
NickJSouthall: but were they EVER going to do thjat?
NickJSouthall: no
okpinkerton: uh, why cant they?
NickJSouthall: they're only people
NickJSouthall: they're not going to spin in reverse and they're not going to become different people
okpinkerton: uh.
okpinkerton: liquid bird.
okpinkerton: what a fucking mindjob that is.
okpinkerton: you know?
NickJSouthall: aye
NickJSouthall: it's great
okpinkerton: why didnt they do more of that
NickJSouthall: but it's one song
NickJSouthall: why would they do MORE of it?
okpinkerton: hey nick. "wonderful." bad melody. even more techno gimmicks.
NickJSouthall: did you write and tell them in pre-production that this was what you wanted them to do?
okpinkerton: well if they were smart theyd do more of it.
NickJSouthall: wonderful starts like shit
NickJSouthall: cos it's meant to
NickJSouthall: YOU are NOT the beta band, sam
okpinkerton: well im a beta band fan.
NickJSouthall: no
okpinkerton: and id like them to do that song some more.
NickJSouthall: you're a three Eps fan
okpinkerton: oh, i liked HS2
okpinkerton: back in eighth grade.
okpinkerton: i guess i used to be a betas fan.
NickJSouthall: you've gotta remember that i was, like, 18/19 when i heard them
NickJSouthall: first thuing i heard was Los amigos del beta bandidos
NickJSouthall: i still have it
okpinkerton: which EP is that
NickJSouthall: bought it the day it came out
okpinkerton: 3rd?
NickJSouthall: the last one, with needles in my eyes on
okpinkerton: yeah,
okpinkerton: needles in my eyes. dr baker.
NickJSouthall: aye
okpinkerton: those are the songs.
okpinkerton: inner meeet me, thats good too.
NickJSouthall: that's on the patty patty sound
okpinkerton: yeah i know, im just sayin, for posterity's sake.
NickJSouthall: the house song
NickJSouthall: that was a gimmick
NickJSouthall: but what a gimmick
NickJSouthall: i have to go
NickJSouthall: i cant sign off cos we've got wireless
okpinkerton: the hosue song. yeah thats a good groove there.
NickJSouthall: but i have to write stuff for unterberger
okpinkerton: what stuff?
okpinkerton: i love the 1992?
NickJSouthall: i'm gonna post this conversation on auspishfish


4/27/2004 10:16:00 pm


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