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Wednesday, April 21, 2004  
This morning from the train (the intercity rather than the normal piece of shit) I’m sure I saw a seal about 30 yards off the Dawlish coast. At first I thought it was a large black dog, it certainly wasn’t a shag or other seabird, but then it ducked under the water and vanished. Last time I checked, dog’s didn’t have gills, so I can only conclude that it must’ve been a seal. And that’s brilliant.

But anyway…



Two weeks without so much as kicking a football. Two weeks at least, more like three, due to holiday, trips to Halifax (dogs can’t look up, can they?), European games, etcetera. But tonight, shifted from Tuesday’s at 8.30 to Wednesday’s at 7.30 (time to eat a pizza, drink a bottle of wine and do some blogging after the game!), back in action with Timepiece FC at the five-a-side (tonight was seven-a-side) ‘training’ session. Did my usual lap of the pitch and a few stretches to try and loosen my dodgy knees. And then, away!

Goal down early on, not good. And then… Hat-trick! And a hat-trick of nutmegs too! And I set up two more goals! And we won 7-5! I’d describe it in greater detail but I’VE BEEN TRYIGN TO WRITE THIS SINCE 10PM AND BASTARD PEOPLE KEEP BASTARD INTERRUPTING ME VIA MSN MESSENGER TO DISCUSS ARTICLES OR ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS OF MUSIC. Not that I mind, but, you know, I was gonna wax lyrical and bask in my footballing genius.

For the record, three right-footers and one that came off god-knows-where off a fast low cross.



4/21/2004 11:07:00 pm


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