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Wednesday, March 24, 2004  
Time In (or out of) The Sun
My tenure as managing editor at Stylus is over, as Todd, fresh from his move to NYC, has resumed the hotseat. It's been a busy month when combined with the busiest weeks of the year at the university too, and at times I've totally lost my rag with people (sorry), suffered vague ill-health due to lack of sleep (back back, bad skin, general knackeredness), and experienced the frustrations (again) of writer's block, so I'm all too glad to have Todd onboard again. Saying that, though, there is a touch of sadness too; once I'd got into the swing of it, and especially these last few days since term broke up at the university, I found myself almost enjoying it... Almost.

My 'job' at Stylus has fluctuated a lot lately, at least in terms of the title. In the last six weeks I've been UK Deputy Editor, Deputy Editor, Managing Editor, and now Contributing Editor. Which I think means I can take a break for a few days... At least until I get cracking on reviews of El-P (both his new ones, possibly), The Streets, Wilco, The Beta Band, an article/interview about and review of the new album by Bark Psychosis, plus anything else that crops up over the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, I'll shameless plagiarise the stuff I've written for Stylus over the last three weeks in order to amke it appear as if this (somewhat tardy, of late) blog has some actual content. And then, later today, I'll write about playing football and walking around with my iPod some more!


3/24/2004 10:22:00 am


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