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Monday, February 09, 2004  
I don't normally watch much television, as you've probably noticed, but tonight I've seen two things that I've actually enjoyed, for totally different reasons. Firstly there was BBC 2's new 'quiz' show, Traitor, in which nine conestants (7 truth tellers and two liars [traitors]) endeavour to win £5,000 by uncovering who is lying (or not being uncovered, depending). More reality TV shmuck peddling? I dunno. It's probably too early to tell, but it was compelling nonetheless. Assuming I get home from work early enough I'll watch it tomorrow and Wednesday too and let you know.

Second, and most enjoyable, was watching Kerry McFadden win I'm A Celebrity..., which I haven't been watching but which I've been keeping tabs on. From being reduced to tears because she misses her kids and husband to eating bugs last night, she's done herself a great service all the way through. Tonight's most wonderful moment though was when Bryan emerged from around the corner, mobile in hand, pretending to be unable to attend because of "work obligations". Kerry's eyes lit up like Blackpool. And when she finally managed to say something! Oh! "Why are how are how did you why did you get here?!" she splurges all over him, and Bryan, big hunka Irish softie that he is, says, quite simply and with perfect honesty, "Cuz I love yer!", very nearly appending it with "yer daft idiot", which would in all probability have lead to me bursting into tears had he actually said it. Magic. His band's still shite, mind.


2/09/2004 10:47:00 pm


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