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Tuesday, February 24, 2004  
iPod Answers
The infernal thing has 3,411 songs (or 11 days @ 24 hours a day) on it, and room for about 15 more minutes at 160kbps (i.e. 18megabytes left out of 18.5gigs). I'm constantly altering the contents slightly as I think of songs I want on it - initially I just loaded loads of albums and stuff I'd downloaded onto it, but now I'm being a bit more specific (i.e. a dozen Pulp songs, four Prodigy tunes, 150 Plaid/Black Dog tunes!), pruning album tracks I'm not bothered by and just leaving stuff I really dig / need to listen to for whatever reason but haven't time to sit down with at home.

You can't 'change' the battery - it's an internal rechargeable one. The manual says it'll last between 300-500 charges, after which it can be replaced (at a cost) by sending it to Apple. Charging once every couple of days (8 hours playback fully charged) suggests the battery will fade after a couple of years, but this 300-500 charges thing is only a guestimate. I've read stuff by people who're still running iPods fine after 3 years.


2/24/2004 05:02:00 pm


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