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Sunday, February 29, 2004  
How does such crap accumulate in one room in such a small time? I can't even stand to try sorting out the music room any further, but I've at least cleared space on the sofa in the bedroom/office, and displaced the piles of detritus from the shelves.

Things thrown away / sent for recycling:

* six empty red wine bottles (five riojas and one south-east australian shiraz-cabernet)
* six empty beer bottles (grolsch)
* (at least) a dozen assorted CDRs made by myself before the arrival of the iPod
* every friday Guardian from this calendar year thus far
* the box my new football boots came in
* one empty CDR spindle-thing
* half-a-hundredweight of torn-up jiffy bags
* two empty deoderant cans
* assorted plastic bags
* assorted receipts for petrol / booze / records (are these the only things I ever buy? what does this say about me?!)
* 2003 calendar
* assorted cable-ties and bits of packaging crap that came with the iPod

In other news... I'm acting editor at Stylus this week, as Todd is moving to NYC. Monday's stuff is ready and raring to go, as are some features for Tuesday and Wednesday too. I've already written one review myself (it didn't take long - you'll realise why when you see it tomorrow) and am planning on two more (E.S.T. and Patrick Woolf) to do later tonight / tomorrow. I have tomorrow off work to edit and format the rest of the week's articles, and also because I can't stand a full week at the moment. Yes yes, slides, yes yes. Maybe, as well as running Stylus (in cahoots with Ed Howard, the image master), I'll tidy the music room a touch.

One of the students who regularly uses Audiovisual was seriously taken aback at ten to five on Thursday when I announced I was leaving early to go and play football with the Modern Languages people. (Note to L.F. – I always skip a break on Thursday afternoon [and often Friday morning too], so I’m not scrimping worktime!) “But I thought you were the ‘cool music guy’ – what are you doing playing football?” I don't play any other sports, and haven't even ridden the bike for over a year (I must give it an overhaul come proper spring and weeking riding weather), though I do walk a lot when I get the chance, but even so this reaction kind of puzzled me. That sport/music divide was a; never in place in my house (two older brothers, one a footballer, one a cross-country runner, both big music fans), b; never in place in my circle of friends (after we were knackered from playing we'd sit on the bank and talk about The Beatles or whoever when we were 14), and c; seems like such an adolescent Paradigm anyway. You can't be X and Y; the two don't go together. On Wednesday & Thursday my occasional Mr Benn-syndrome dictated that I was "being a photographer". (I may steal some bandwidth off a dating site and upload some of them later - the snow and light on those two days was beautiful) I can't put into words how much I love playing football (although admittedly, with the snow and my recovering knee on Thursday it wasn't the best game ever). I was thinking about parallels between football and sex the other week; are orgasms to sex what goals are to football - but in sex no one is trying to stop you scoring a goal (unless you're into that), which kind of scuppers that theory.

Ahhh. My back aches. I'm off to eat a Creme Egg.


2/29/2004 08:39:00 pm


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