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Thursday, January 08, 2004  
This morning I awoke at 5.30 with pretty awful back pain, which has been a trend since before Xmas; go to bed whenever, feeling fine, and awake 6 hours later with horrible muscular pains down the right-side of my back. Get up, shower, etcetera, and feel fine after a couple of hours. My back had been better since Saturday or so, so this was a bad start to the day.

Then my train was cancelled. So I had to drive, which I hate, because Exeter is a bitch of a city to get into in the mornings (it’s one of the five most polluted places in the UK, I believe, because of the traffic concentration). Then when I get into work there’s another fucking new pile of acquisitions for me to deal with, when the lot that arrived while I was on holiday over Xmas hadn’t even been halved yet. It was not a good morning.

So then I’m driving home, and I’ve worked through lunchtime so I can leave early and go to Sainsburys to buy something to chuck in a saucepan with the chorizo that Billy brought me back from Spain, and still avoid the rush hour. What happens? Sara fucking Cox. Oh bloody hell. Oh bloody, bloody hell. RadioOne have lost a million listeners between Cox and Moyles over the last 18 months. And do you know why? Because they’re both cunts. Uergh.

It appears to be Cox’s schtick that she’s not only had a talent and charisma bypass, but a fucking sincerity bypass too. It’s obviously considered amusing that she says every other sentence in the most false and annoying and flatulently obsequious patronising kiddies voice imaginable but it fucking isn’t, not if you’ve got a fucking brain. People don’t like being treated like idiots by idiots, which is why they’ve been switching off their radios.


1/08/2004 08:38:00 pm


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