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Friday, January 02, 2004  
I'm listening to the wrong radio station...
Once again some brainless fuckwads are bemoaning the current state of music on FiveLive, claiming that nothing new has happened in music since 'dance', that there is no one around making music that is different (apart from, it seems, The Darkness, for the love of god). Well of course if you're talking about bloody Katie Melua then you're going to be disappointed. Now someone (Miranda Sawyer?) is talking up Poptones and The Glitterati (who are of course fuck awful). You're all thirty-fucking-three for heaven's sake - pop music isn't for you anymore, rock music may be but no one else is interested. Whinge whinge whinge. The Darkness and The Glitterati are at least showmen, which is something...

"They're repeating the Woodstock movie on one of the Sky channels, and it reminds you of how good music used to be..." says some American guy. Short-sighted, selfish, whinging little asshole.

Now at last Missy and Xtina and Justin and some other people get namechecked in a positive light (by Miss Sawyer, if it is indeed her). And here comes the Beyonce mention - the words "Crazy In Love" are barely mentioned before some flatulent fool opens their mouth and says "record of the year..." as if there is no debate about it, as if it's objective fact. And you know, it's a good record, but this type of discussion of music always assumes that consensus is science, that there's no room for manouvre. So what's the point in even talking about it like this? No one's going to change their mind.


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