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Monday, December 22, 2003  
Mad World

I'm a Tears For Fears fan, of course I wanted The Darkness to 'win'. Much as I love Donnie Darko and think "Mad World" fits into it beautifully, Gary Jules and thingummy's cover version murders the original with the same kind of deep & meaningful indie schmindie sincerity that caused Travis to think they could transform "Hit Me Baby One More Time" into a heartfelt expression of the horrors of domestic violence, or whatever. Likewise The Flaming Lips covering Kylie, and countless other indie bands trying to "make pop good and meaningful". Dismemberment Plan did it OK when they covered Jennifer Paige's "Crush", but that's down to Travis sounding like a psychopath/stalker rather than a wistful, lovelorn fool. Slower does not necessarily mean more profound. Pop music is not necessarily lesser than rock music. Crying is definitely not intrinsically better than dancing.

As for The Darkness, I may find their shenanigans too much to stomach, but they have at least added to the lineage of ridiculous Christmas rockers.

To be honest I wish Sugababes had managed to nick it as "Lost In You" is by far the best thing in the top 40 right now. But that was never going to happen.

Props, as ever, to Swygart, who is a young master and possibly the best chart commentator in the country right now.

12/22/2003 12:38:00 pm


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