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Monday, October 06, 2003  
Marcel Duchamp. The link is on the left near the bottom. I actually read it for about 15 minutes too, which is a record, and what's more I enhoyed it. Olly, have a gander; you're not the only disaffected youth in a job he hates. But you knew that anyway.

Lisa it's your birthday...

I find the episode of The Simpsons where Bart turns Homer's shirt pink in the wash, which leads to Homer being institutionalised and meeting a brickie from New Jersey who pretends to be Michael Jackson, almost unbearably affecting. Still, after seeing it probably half-a-dozen times over the years, the bit at the end where Bart and 'Michael' sing Lisa a birthday song ("Lisa it's your birthday! / happy birthday, Lisa!") accompanied by piano and wastepaper-basket-bongos, makes me want to cry. Which, for anyone who experiences actual real emotions like an actual real human being, is the equivalent of crying lots and lots. I am always hideously aware of situations which should or could make me cry, and thus I never actually do cry, because if you know it's going to happen it's contrived and therefiore meaningless. Which is, of course, shit, but there you go. I've cried a few times over the last 18 days. I have, if you didn't know (if you care), split up with my girlfriend of the last two-and-a-bit years, which is why AusPishFish has been somewhat erratic of late (apologies to anybody who caught the incredibly profane post that appeared for 30 minutes last Tuesday at approximately 11.30pm - I know at least a couple of people did; rest assured that I have calmed down and avoided smashing the person concerned's face into tiny fucking bloody pieces with a bat, though I've still dreamt about doing it a couple of times). I shan't go into the reasons (they are long and boring and miserable and not at all like a soap opera) for fear of upsetting anyone any more than has already happened. But anyway, yeah, that song in that episode; makes me want to cry.

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