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Wednesday, October 15, 2003  
I'm at work. I feel exactly the same as yesterday, which is that I suspect I am about to be ill but am not really ill yet. My tonsils are swollen slightly and a touch sore. It's a very strange condition. Oh well, there are Maya Deren films to be catalogued and screenings of Kiarostami (sic) films to be arranged and no doubt this afternoon there will be discussions of Pink Floyd's early output to have with Billy (as well as discussions over whether he wants copies of Massive Attack, .O.Rang, Mouse On Mars, Can or all of these...). My S L S K name, should you wish to peruse my folders, is frighteningly obvious, writ in big orange letters at the top of the page...

Sam is as wracked with confusion and multiplicity as any other 16-year-old, he's just got more fonts for its expression. Sam, I never knew why I liked anything until recent- no, I still don't know why I like anything, not really, I'm just very good at making up reasons by lying, bullshitting and blagging. The "some of this may not be true" caveat at the beginning is purely wonderful. We always need to be reminded. Make your life a fiction.

10/15/2003 10:23:00 am


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