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Wednesday, July 16, 2003  
Graduation day here. The girl from the campus shop is wearing a gown and cape and hat and shoes and stuff rather than a green t-shirt. The kid in the Stone Roses t-shirt and bad shoes is in a gown and cape and hat and still bad shoes. His mum's taking a picture of him next to the Tianeman Square statue (apologies for the spelling of Tianeman). She's so proud. I wouldn't be. His girlfriend's minging and he's 22 and still obsessed with The Stone Roses. Even I'd got over it by then. And my girlfriend is not minging; she's pretty as sin. I'm such a fuck. He'd have been 15 when they split up, and 8 when they were good. Shucks.

All this gown wearing shite.

Maybe I'm just jealous because I didn't go to mine out of some bizarre sense of idealism and inverted pride. I will not bee seen smiling and mugging for you fuckers to take publicity shots after you treated me liek shit.

Sitting in The Ram Bar at lunchtime, Erin eating chips and me eating a Mars bar, watching these be-gowned kids and their gurning parents sip Pimms and champagne and eat strawberries (oh, it's such a shame it's overcast today), it's fitting that the video jukebox is playing Coldplay and goth-Xtina (has she watched The Cell one too many times?). I guess this is the last real rite of passage. Off to work now.

7/16/2003 04:16:00 pm


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