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Tuesday, July 01, 2003  
Despite my complete and utter state of rage with Blogger for not being able to handle large posts, my life is not all that bad. Yesterday lunchtime I was thwarted and angered by Exeter's record shops because they are all hopeless, badly-stocked dystopias of crapulence (no Cold House by Hood, no David Sylvian at all), and so proceeded to order David Sylvian's new LP, Super Are by The Boredoms and the aforementioned Hood LP from Amazon at approximately 2.30pm. This morning they arrived at Emma's house. Good lord Amazon! That was quick.

I assume they have an ulterior motive for dispatching to me quickly though - as I order so much stuff off them they are keen to speed up their service so I in turn speed up my orders and the merry-go-round of my CD spending at Amazon increases in velocity and veracity until I just transfer my fucking paycheck straight to them at the start of every month in return for a constant stream of randomly selected crap.

7/01/2003 02:35:00 pm


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