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Friday, June 13, 2003  
Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)
Touch & Go / Warp

The excitement's almost making me feel sick. Why has everybody else heard this but me? One copy in all of Exeter. £4.99. For two songs! I always reckon a pound a song is a good rate. Why don't I know about these things? Fuckers. Why are they google-proof? Are they wankers? I'm always behind the Yanks and the Londoners. Always always. And today it's hot. Man, so, so hot. I've got denim flares on anD they're normally quite loose but today they're stuck to me. It's stupid. My shirt's clinging to my back. Even at 8.30 when I got the train after walking down the cliff there was already a diagonal slash of sweat across my torso where the bag-strap had pressed too close. Too close. Too hot. It's only mid-June too, what's it gonna be like in August? Yesterday I saw the first piece of tarmac free itself from its grey bed, leaving a pock-mark of sticky molten black goo.

But I've got it now, it's in my hand. I get to play it. At work. Like that's any way to tell. One copy in all Exeter.

Sam and Marcello are all over this. Marcleoo's got it down as being freedom, I think, and loss of something (control? self? inhibition?) afterwards. After what? After that thing. I was just getting out of a car. I assumed it was a fool in a glider. An hour later, after talking about nothing but death, I got back in the car and America was falling down. Never mind London Bridge. The first real response to that? Maybe it is. Sam's all over it and dropping The Stone Roses every five minutes, Fools Gold here and there and everywhere and he's young, so he's gonna get it wrong sometimes but you know that it's still better to get it wrong with feeling than get it right with nothing. It's not Fools Gold, Sam. It's on now. That bass is crawling all over the floor. This is about, what? 8 or 9 years before Fools Gold? Not that I know my post-punk too well, hell, I was a baby, but, y'know... Oh, I dunno Sam. Those guitars are ghosts sure enough, touching your shoulders and whispering in your ear, maybe you're onto something too. And that two-note bass just now... That's Fools Gold sure enough. Why's it taken 14 years to follow? If this follows it. That particular wooze, all sinister and quicksand, still sounds to me like it was beamed straight in from somewhere orbiting Jupiter, in from Ganymede. This doesn't. This sounds like it was... I dunno. Beamed in from Marakesh maybe. No, that's Blur. This is beamed in from where? From whence? Yeah. I think we're onto something here. I like this. I can go with it. Gotta get some more, gotta get some more. I like the fact that the cover's some weird fractal explosion, Tron gone ecological, lines and lines and lines all heading back to this little hole these boxes jumped from. Back to a vanishing point. I like that its on Warp. That's good. Who says a rock band can't play weirdy-strung-out-post-punk-hyper-terrorist-dub-disco? Is this all going back to XTRMNTR? Cos man I loved that record but I've not touched it in a year apart from playing it to Billy. When are The Rapture hitting home? Are they gonna be delivering on the promise? Radio 4 melded it in together well and then played it the same on every track. These guys and The Rapture I'm hoping are gonna take it different places. Already !!! are ahead, just by coming from California and not NYC.

I've got £200 for the rest of the month and there are another whole bunch of records I need to buy. Every time I hear something I need to hear more. This is insane. I need to stop filling the little black book with names and dates and exclamation marks. Chks!.

6/13/2003 01:33:00 pm


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