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Friday, May 30, 2003  
I know the ‘strike-out’ tags for html; it cannot be much longer before I stumble across the flashing text and scrolling text cues and then world domination baby.

I’ve been on holiday since Wednesday and thus I’ve been pissing around on the internet and fiddling with my blogger template and so on. Hopefully it’s a wee bit better and more interesting as a result.

Plus this holiday lark means I’ve had plenty of time to listen to new music, hooray! And also think about reading books and pick up some DVDs intending to watch them and so on… Even though I never get round to any of it.

Stuff that’s rocking Nick’s world this week includes…

*Amazing Grace, Spiritualized’s forthcoming secretly-recorded ‘garage’ album (which I shall be writing more about later today).
*Mouse On Mars (why have I not heard this band before?).
*Gillian Welch
*Donnie Darko with director’s commentary.
*Black Books (first series on DVD).
*Tits & Ass; The Great Canadian Weekend by Manitoba (this rocks my world just about every week).
*Drinking; copious Newcastle Brown on Friday, copious bottles of Becks and half a bottle of red wine on Saturday, a bottle of rioja on Sunday night, half a dozen bottles of Bud on Tuesday night after football, half a bottle of red on Wednesday night whilst at Bridget’s for dinner. My most indulgent week for months.
*Jelly. Mainly strawberry but also orange. Don’t make it with too much water; it goes all sloppy and shit.
*Ordering stuff off Amazon. Comics, CDs, books. I can’t stop. Good job it’s payday.
*Taking photographs.
*Mille Plateaux – God is a lobster.

It’s all good. I hate people who say that. Later this afternoon I shall be posting a proper review of Amazing Grace.

How bad a person am I? My heart leapt when I found out you were unhappy.

5/30/2003 01:25:00 pm


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